• Mapping QTLs for Popping Ability in a Popcorn × Dent Maize Genetic Cross
    Ketan Jain-Poster (1) and Terry Woodford-Thomas (2)
    , ,

    24 April 2015 11:01 AM |

    Have you ever wondered what contributes to the popping ability of popcorn? In this study, the authors use Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) mapping to identify genes that may contribute to specific popping characteristics including kernel size and popping expansion volume (PEV).

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  • JEI Introduces New Outreach Initiatives to Engage Young Scientists in Boston Area and Beyond

    06 April 2015 6:28 PM |

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  • The Author’s Take: David Sills

    06 April 2015 6:19 PM |

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