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Become a Reviewer

Interested in becoming a reviewer for JEI?  We welcome applications from current graduate students and post docs at accredited academic institutions. All applicants must have scientific research experience, have a strong academic background, and be proficient in the English language.

What are the responsibilities of a JEI Reviewer?
Reviewers will be given journals articles written by middle school and high school students that are related to their area(s) of expertise.  Reviewers must briefly summarize the manuscript, analyze the manuscript (including the interest of the scientific question, the quality of the scientific writing, and the quality of the experiment, results, and onclusions), suggest additional
experiments within reason, provide constructive criticism for the students, and provide a recommendation for the journal (accept, accept with major revisions, or reject). Note that reviewers will generally have a minimal number of articles to review simultaneously and that reviewer workload will depend both on the reviewers’ field(s) of expertise and workload preference.

Why serve as a JEI Reviewer?
Being a reviewer at JEI has many benefits!  First, it is a great opportunity to give back to the community by promoting science education and research. Secondly, it is a chance to read some fascinating science and hone your scientific review skills.  Lastly, the most experienced reviewers will be given the title of “senior reviewer,” which is indicative of our trust in your ability as a scientificreviewer and your obvious dedication to science education.

How do you apply?
Reviewers MUST be currently enrolled in a PhD program in the physical or natural sciences OR already have a PhD in one of these fields.

Interested applicants should submit a CV (note that scientific writing/review experience is not required), a brief statement of intent (maximum 200 words) describing your reasons for applying to be a JEI reviewer, and indicate [1] your current institution [2] the focus of your current research (e.g.prokaryotic transcription regulation) and [3] the general scientific fields in which your training has adequately prepared you to serve as a reviewer (e.g. molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, and pharmacology).

Please send your CV to with “Reviewer Application” as the subject.



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