For Students

Websites to help students in literature research:

PubMed: a great tool for finding research articles on a variety of subjects
PubMed Central: curates research articles without paywalls
Google Scholar: find primary literature on all scientific topics
Directory of Open Access Journals: find additional open-access journals here

General science programs or websites devoted to middle and high school scientists:

The Archimedes Initiative: a site rich in videos in which students talk to other students about doing science fair projects
Science News: Magazine of the Society for Science and the Public
Science News for Kids: An online publication by the Society for Science and the Public targeted at middle- and high-school students
Science Daily: Online repository of recent and popular news in research
Howard Hughes Medical Institute – BioInteractive: a collection of resources for high school students and teachers
Science Club for Girls: A Boston area non-profit offering girls-specific programming in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
Science Buddies: Excellently researched science fair project ideas A Guide for Women in STEM

For Teachers

A list of websites that may be helpful when developing or implementing inquiry based education into your curriculum:

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Boston University School of Medicine – CityLab: A fully equipped biotechnology laboratory available to middle and high school students as well as educators interested in biotechnology
Incorporating JEI in the classroom: A guide to using JEI resources in a high school science class
JEI Scavenger Hunt: Can your students find these important parts of a professional science manuscript?